Buckle My Shoe #2.

Excerpts from a rendition published two years ago on the former blog. Only the photos are recent.


Be strong, a cliché buzzing in my ears soon to fade off. I can no longer be.

My shoes were once tied, loosed a little and tied. Tied and loosed. It is slipping away completely loosed and my hands are shaking trying to buckle ‘em shoes. Maybe, just maybe this one last buckle will end it all or not. I am too tired to believe.

Let these snaps pass over me.

I am buried in a water fountain and my head is beginning to spin. And for the first time since the decades of turmoil, I mumbled ‘Lord take my life and let me be’ I cannot move an inch for courage is soaked in tears and too blurred to lift a hand. Tired, angry and very tired.

I must now go and get drunk in wine. Then afterward try and buckle my shoe.