Buckle My Shoe #2.

Excerpts from a rendition published two years ago on the former blog. Only the photos are recent.


Be strong, a cliché buzzing in my ears soon to fade off. I can no longer be.

My shoes were once tied, loosed a little and tied. Tied and loosed. It is slipping away completely loosed and my hands are shaking trying to buckle ‘em shoes. Maybe, just maybe this one last buckle will end it all or not. I am too tired to believe.

Let these snaps pass over me.

I am buried in a water fountain and my head is beginning to spin. And for the first time since the decades of turmoil, I mumbled ‘Lord take my life and let me be’ I cannot move an inch for courage is soaked in tears and too blurred to lift a hand. Tired, angry and very tired.

I must now go and get drunk in wine. Then afterward try and buckle my shoe.

Why I Ventured Into Visual Works

It’s a new website, new look, new goals for my visual works, Hurray! Welcome.

Now I am finally here. If anyone told me I would venture into photography and visual works, I would have said no. I just wanted someone to take me pictures, this may be from my modeling instincts and experience. Later it graduated to me wanting to visually record my personal style, not just some limited everyday church wear but style as I wanted it to be seen. I didn’t know my fondness for art was something I had concealed or not represented well over the years, I would take pictures of things that fascinated me, I could spend a lot of time visually directing a creative endeavor like I would for scripts I write. 

When people ask me to take photos, I always put my best hand forward much to their amusement- I want the picture to turn out so good. “Look this way, stay that way,” I would say. In my visual workshop class at school and other visual arts classes, I represented myself as a text-based designer; because of my love and affinity for writing. Eventually, I ended up incorporating photography into my projects. Prior to that, I had only been exploring abstract designs via photoshop. How can I take most of these classes and not fully explore them? Tough bills life and whole work life. Well, it was these classes that made me realize I am a visual artist experimenting with mixed media. I used to draw and paint a lot while growing up. Writing, art, and music were core parts of my art journey that I didn’t pay attention to or was drawn away from. There were too many artistic ideas I wasn’t exploring and potentials not being utilized. I was lagging behind and had to pick myself back up.

Enny Cole website was formerly known as a blogging platform featuring my writing endeavors but today, I have turned it around and created another blog for writing and other works. Visual works became my baby that I started to nurture. Also, some pertinent reasons collided with my deep motivation to embark on this journey full course.

- I am passionate about life, things, people, goals and see beyond. I like to use art to translate and explore.

- I have a keen eye for aesthetics, style, and art design. My favorite thing is to acknowledge the beauty of something, someone with a good sense of personal style or contribute to a person’s sense of style. 

- I started to dislike the discomfort I saw when I tell people to take photos of me so I learned to photograph myself or creatively direct my own style shots, with a team, if need be. I am hardly in a non-photo mood. I like to visually record people, things, events.

I sought within myself and aligned with what I envisioned. I concluded I wanted to do this. Not just exploring any kind of random photos or art media but ones that are visually appealing in content and impact. Art is in me and I hope I make a difference.  It took me a while but I am finally here.

Text-based designer, visual artist cum photog, at your service…